mardi, février 13, 2007

I Remember When Doyle Was A Good Guy know, during the campaign, when that mean old DOT wanted to raise registration rates and our hero Jim Doyle swooped in to save us. He stood between us and the evil entity and wagged his finger and neck and proudly proclaimed, "oh no you di'int." Remember those days?

The JS and Doyle (and I wonder who the heck else) doesn't, but I sure do.

Because he's back again acting like that whole charade never occurred. He's proposed the same hike himself, raising registration from $55 to $75. Now, it seems a little strange to me that he did this. It's almost as though he just conducted a political science psychology experiment on us. Or he saw the DOT trying to kick our asses and said "STOP! Allow me...."

Check out the story, because if you ate too much for dinner and are feeling the slightest bit guilty about it, the story and the irony of it will make you puke.

Then of course, there are gems like this from the text of his speech:

"This is not a budget for the big oil companies or the big tobacco companies. ... It is a budget for the middle-class and those trying to get there."

Trying to get where? How are they supposed to get anywhere when they're under the thumb of this tax-on-the-poor-and-middle-class bullshit. The point is to prevent anyone from getting anywhere. The direction this state is going will ensure that.

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Blogger Nick said...

"This is not a budget for the big oil companies or the big tobacco companies..."

It's a budget for big government, pure and simple. That particular irony is always lost on politicians.s

6:06 AM, février 14, 2007  
Blogger Kate said...

My memory is faulty (hey, I'm old, ok?) but didn't the DOT want to raise the fee by $25? So, if Doyle only wants to raise by $20...isn't that a cut? :)

10:27 PM, février 17, 2007  

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