jeudi, février 08, 2007

It's Nature's Way

Anna Nicole has left the building, as they say. I wish I could say I'm shocked or surprised or the least bit sad, but I'm not.

There's a part of me that believes that you'll live as long as you want to, and how you want to, until you're done with life. And Anna did just what she wanted to do with her life. We'll hear a lot of things from people who will call her life tragic and how she could have turned things around, and could have made her life better and made more of herself. Nope, don't waste your time or energy or pity. This is who she was.

Do I wish more people could turn it around? Of course I do. But there is a limit to how much some people will or can be someone they're not. I might not like the way they conduct their lives, as a matter of fact I might think they're stupid or whatever, but we aren't all created the same. And by the same I mean intelligence, sense, self-awareness, you get the picture.

It's very ironic though, that Daniel went, and then she did. I wouldn't put it past Anna to have made the decision inside of her, that she didn't have a reason to go on without him. We've seen this many times - really - how many of you know of someone who lost someone significant in their lives (husband, wife, child, friend) and went soon after?

It's nature's way. I doubt she has many, if any, regrets.

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Blogger sliverthetomcat said...

Attributing her death to heartbreak is giving her way too much credit.

1:28 PM, février 09, 2007  

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