mardi, février 27, 2007

McMini's McAntics

Well, don't call it a mea culpa, but the Sentinel Journal has published a story with just a little more fingerpointing at McGee/Jackson. It's a little more than a pinkie like last time, but let the record note that:

"On Friday, according to Todd's attorney Alan Eisenberg, McGee gave out Todd's phone number on the air, which resulted in a series of harassing telephone calls, including death threats.

On the same program, McGee gave out the phone number of a producer at WISN radio, which had broadcast a parody song about McGee and the recall. According the station's Web site, that producer also received harassing telephone calls and has reported the matter to the Greenfield police."

Ya know, after a while, things called patterns develop. They're associated with behavior which means actions. Now don't get me wrong, no action will be taken against Mini but come on... he's become our equivalent of Hollywood's elite. How so? Their elite could commit a crime and not get the same punishment a normal person would get. See the parallel?


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