samedi, février 10, 2007

That Was A Bad Idea

UPDATE: Ok, so, does anyone have a Sunglass Hut coupon???

So anyhow, I'm going to Death Valley this week. I stopped at the mall (early - you know, for "beat the gang bangers" deals) to look for a pair of splendiferous Aviators. C'mon - you're driving through the desert in a convertible with no hairspray in your hair and you're wearing fatigue green. You know you want a pair of those babies to make the most of the experience.

First pair I try on at Sunglass hut are a hit. I mean they're perfect. Gorgeous as a matter of fact. The nice lady helping me did a great job of picking out what would be right. She thought I should go with the amber, but I kind of want to be a purist and get the green. Cause you know, my eyes are green and all.

I could get them. I could also realize that $160 for a pair of sunglasses is NOT part of my trip budget. If it were, I'd probably spend it in other ways. I could go with the nonpolarized for $120. Still. Damn, why did I go do this again?

So I hit a few cheapy stores to see if the same shape was available in teen-budget form. Nooo. Not only were they not - but what was there was simply awful. Horrible to be exact. Hmm. Maybe the mailman will bring me a coupon or something. Which isn't going to happen but it's a nice thought.

What would you do - go with what you really want? Or try to sneak it in under your Flexible Spending Account card which after all, this IS eyecare....

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Blogger sliverthetomcat said...

You should buy the ones that you really want. I don't think that $160.00 is unreasonable for a good quality pair of sunglasses.

1:43 PM, février 11, 2007  
Blogger Patrick said...

Check out a good sporting goods store. You can usually get reasonable prices on good quality polarized sunglasses where they sell fishing supplies.

10:15 PM, février 13, 2007  

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