mardi, février 06, 2007

There's No Shortage of Opportunity

As long as you're not expecting it to be handed to you.

Because the laws our government has, is, and will enact will ensure that we all will have to chase our tails to meet their standards, regulations, and guidelines. And where does this opportunity sit closest to you? Publicly held companies.

Unlike working for the government itself, you can be ensured that you will have to take the most of the opportunity because being accountable is not an option. Not as long as you have to meet their rules.

Don't believe me? Work in an SEC regulated environment. Try listening to Joe Biden. Or duct tape yourself to a post and listen to Hillary Clinton talk about confiscating profits. They mean business, as defined by their gravity-defying laws and perceptions of what money and business are all about. Oh yes, you'll be busy. Especially if you are self-inclined to succeed and take advantage of opportunity or otherwise be strategic and resourceful. If you're not, well, then these folks will sound pretty darned smart and on the ball as far as you're concerned. To the latter - there isn't much hope for you. Not unless you start thinking like a conservative or a libertarian, or otherwise as a producer - a self-sufficient being.

But there is good news for you nanny staters.

Your hero, the government, is producing an environment in business where you darned well better learn their rules and how things work because you won't have much choice. Well yes you do have a choice, your ass can be fired for not meeting government imposed standards. But if you take that route you're a quitter. You deserve to bitch and moan about your low paying or minimum wage job. Because even in an environment of strangulation you can find the angle where you can learn and unbeknownst, actually become resourceful in tough circumstances. If you're too lazy to work harder or smarter or take more risk, then you can just sit there and be stuck with yourself. (Just shut up so I can get my work done without listening to your drivel - some of us actually want to be productive by our own means.)

For as hard as I work at my job and in other areas of life to navigate this brave new world of government imposed strangulations, you will not hear me bitch about it. You will hear me say that I'm tired, you'll hear me say I need a vacation, but you'll never hear me say that I am not every waking moment grateful for the opportunities I have, am and will take advantage of. If you don't get the essence of any of this, read that former sentence until you do.


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