dimanche, mars 25, 2007

A Fab Day

What a great day.

It was so great, I think I'll say it again.

What a great day.

I started out getting over just a little bit of drinking I had done last night by getting out on the porch with some iced darjeeling tea. Then I texted Aaron to see how he was doing. An hour later I joined Aaron, Kelly, and baby Cole for an afternoon in Newburg walking through the woods and seeing different demonstrations about maple syrup. It was a great time.

Then we hit Cabela's. The Man Mall. Too bad we missed the wild game deli, but there is always next time.

Thanks guys - it was super!!!



Blogger Aaron said...

It was a perfect afternoon!

8:45 PM, mars 25, 2007  
Blogger Sean Hackbarth said...

Newberg?!? That's almost my neck of the woods.

7:10 PM, mars 26, 2007  

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