mercredi, mars 07, 2007

It's About Time

...that iTunes got on it with some of the hidden classics. Some of the more obscure tunes are finally starting to hit their list.

Case in point. For about four years I've been trying to get ahold of two very early CDs by the original Bob Marley band - called the Wailing Wailers. It's no secret that I love very early ska music. It's ska, but it's closer to alternative R&B from the early to mid 60's.

They've finally compiled a great list of these early tracks on a CD called One Love At Studio One (probably a takeoff on one of the original LPs called "Simmer Down at Studio One". It's 40 early tracks for 19.98. Now, I wish I could make a penny or two off of a referral to iTunes but I don't - I just want to share the music that I really love and iTunes is a good format! Although I wouldn't be opposed to burning a copy if asked nicely.

Some great tracks to check out. I guess a better title of this post would have been simply "old ass Bob Marley". These links are updated to play in a new window

Rude Boy

Teenager In Love

Do you remember

There She Goes

One Love (not the version you are used to hearing...)

Wages of Love

I'm Gonna Put It On

Rolling Stone

Ska Jerk



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