mercredi, mars 14, 2007

Mayor Barrett: Unfit for Office

The mayor must step down.

This statement does not require a lot of explanation, because Barrett's own words and actions have already demonstrated why.

If you've not read the letter from Bob Donovan - someone who actually has some ideas and solutions - you should. You can download the letter from the Early Spin blog. Instead of considering Donovan's ideas, he's casually dismissed it as if Donovan interrupted his pedicure. Furthermore, Barrett wasn't mayoral or enough of a leader to make a statement himself, instead he sent one of his spokespersons:
"The mayor wants to have the Milwaukee Police Department on the streets of Milwaukee, rather than the National Guard," [spokesperson] Force said, adding any such request would only come after consulting the police chief, police union and others."

"Force termed the announcement an 'alarmist, sky-is-falling, unproductive news release.'"
Since when is facing the facts, the seriousness of the situation, alarmist? Is everyone lying about the extreme, spiraling violence and crime?

Does Barrett have to be a victim of crime for him to see it as serious? Because his own neighborhood is rotting out from underneath him. I know. I live within blocks of the mayor. I know what summer will be like.

There's more:
"She said Donovan's plans typically do not include a way to pay for them.

"Obviously, funds are an issue," Force said. 'Never mind the need to maintain the (other) services people expect.'"
What services? Do you mean getting a police officer to respond to a call in my area? Do you mean getting my garbage picked up and my snow plowed? Do you mean getting potholes patched?

You all don't understand the role of government. You must step aside. Our only hope is if you are recalled or if the decent, sensible citizens of the city band together and shout at you or recall you. Because loudmouth protesting and signs and losing your perception of power seem to be the only thing you understand.

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Blogger Dad29 said...

The Union Town is now self-cancerous.

And it's happening in Brookfield, too!

8:59 AM, mars 15, 2007  
Blogger Dad29 said...

BTW, I have proposed a new Mathematical Theorem which I think (modestly) cannot be defeated.

The likelihood of seeing the Mayor of Milwaukee in person increases geometrically as does the distance from Milwaukee!

Saw him today in Sussex, twice, briefly. Last year (same event) in Neenah, saw him for over 6 hours straight.

See what I mean?

9:39 PM, mars 17, 2007  
Blogger phelony jones said...

So. Where does St. Sebastian's Parish fit into that theorem?

7:28 AM, mars 18, 2007  
Blogger Dad29 said...

Well, just like City Hall and his own home, there are exceptions which prove the rule.

3:47 PM, mars 18, 2007  

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