mercredi, mars 07, 2007

Yes, The Gun is Still Smoking

Via and h/t to Drudge:

Feds Seek To Gag D.C. Madam
Prosecutors fear leak of sensitive client, escort information

MARCH 7--Federal prosecutors want to gag an indicted former Washington, D.C. madam who has recently threatened to go public with details about her former customers. In a motion filed Monday in U.S. District Court, investigators are seeking a protective order covering discovery material to be provided to Deborah Palfrey and her lawyers. Palfrey, 50, was indicted last week on racketeering and money laundering charges stemming from her operation of the Pamela Martin & Associates escort service, which closed last summer after 13 years in business. In their motion, a copy of which you'll find below, government lawyers claim that some discovery documents contain "personal information" about Palfrey's former johns and prostitutes that is "sensitive." The prosecution filing does not detail the nature of this confidential information, though the identity of Palfrey's D.C. customers would surely be cloaked if the protective order was signed by Judge Gladys Kessler.

I'd be very interested in knowing what information is in question. Surely there would be few surprises. And I mean few. But if the Feds are stepping in, they have to have been summoned or threatened to do so. Bet your little black book on it.

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Blogger Dad29 said...

So when you label a post "sluts," to exactly WHICH 'sluts' are you referring?

The elected ones?

8:56 AM, mars 08, 2007  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

All of 'em :) I just felt like sayin' it....!

10:33 PM, mars 08, 2007  
Blogger Peter said...

I for one would just love to see who her clients are.

The World's Oldest Profession crossing paths with the World's Second Oldest Profession (politician) and the World's Third Oldest Profession (lawyers) ... look what they all have in common.

Apologies to Ronaldus Magnus for the paraphrase.

11:13 PM, mars 08, 2007  

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