vendredi, avril 20, 2007

An Amateur by Comparison, but....

Once upon a time I dated someone and it was the most tumultuous relationship I ever experienced. It didn't last more than a few months but it felt like years. It still feels like it was years. This person had an Axis II personality - Borderline Personality Disorder - as a matter of fact. It's not as easy to spot as you would think but...I digress.

I heard the Alec Baldwin audio and immediately I knew what Kim and Kid have been dealing with. It's not the first time I suspected it because he's said other things that closely resemble the behavior. I won't claim to be a shrink, and Alec so far has nothing on my ex, however many people out there know what a skunk smells like. They could take a good guess at what went on, or goes on, in the "sanctity" behind closed doors. Something I am not interested in hearing because frankly I have a pretty good idea. It ain't pretty. But guess what Alec, you're a rank amateur in comparison. And to answer your lifelong question, no, no woman ever will come around from the error of their misguided ways and respect you.

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