dimanche, avril 29, 2007

And You Thought George Bush Listening in On Aunt Esther's Phone Calls Was Bad....

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran's Telecommunications Ministry will start filtering "immoral" video and audio messages sent via mobile phones, state television reported on Saturday.

' ... in order to prevent possible misuse of MMS, immoral actions and social problems, the Telecommunications Ministry will filter immoral MMS,' the television said."
First, I'm pretty impressed that Iran has advanced their broadcast technology to the point where individual television sets can speak. I mean, I thought the whole WMD thing was a pretty lofty feat in and of itself, but they must have been on a creative streak that day and someone said "hey man, keep going."

But how do you like that? Jay Weber broadcasted earlier this week that Iran is freaking out about pants that are too short and headscarves not wrapped tightly enough. I think both instances are a sure sign of Iran's panic that they will not be able to control life and the human spirit for long. Human ingenuity and the fast pace of change will eventually sweep the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution under the rug. The transparency and instantaneous nature of technology is only one reason.

I would therefore like to take camphone shots of my feet in my open toed sandals today, and forward them to the weakest link on the Supreme Council. Tomorrow I'll send a pic of my ears to the next weakest link, and just pick them all off until there's nothing left.

Pop Quiz: What's the most interesting use of words from the original article? Filter.

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