jeudi, avril 12, 2007

Getting Out Just In Time

Many times I've said that I'm glad that I went to college when I did. I graduated in the very early 90's, before politics became ingrained into the smallest educational item.

Life is precious and the receptivity of a learning mind is, too.

College is the place to prepare yourself for life - so that you can prime your brain in the hopes that when you graduate, you'll be able to evaluate what's in front of you and think critically. So that you can think for yourself - and whatever direction that may take you - it's all yours.

Once you're out in the "real world" and out from the shelter of higher education, you can really discover what's important to you. How things sequence, how they affect you, how you want to affect them. That's a good time for politics to come into the picture because at that point, you understand all of the ramifications of politics and you can sort through the messages that are designed to whip you up into a frenzy or otherwise amass your attention.

College is not the place to impose politics.

College is the place to impose the basics that will prepare you in order to make your own decisions and conclusions. That's what you're paying them to do. Not impose parameters of thought, belief, or indoctrination.

And that's what one filmmaker's point is
. For a few years I've been checking in on the progress of Evan Coyne Maloney in his pursuit to bring the truth about indoctrination in higher education. But don't take my word for it. Shoot, don't even take Evan's. Find out for yourself what's going on. That giant sucking sound is the absence in a most precious place - the space between the ears of those who are primed for learning.

Politics is temporary. Being unprepared to grasp the torch when the time comes for it to be handed to you, is forever.


Anonymous scott said...

Seems like someone with an agenda pointing at a real phenomenon and drawing the wrong conclusions. It is of course true that university professors (and of course students) are more liberal than the rest of the population. It does not follow, however, that there is some kind of sinister indoctrination or conspiracy to keep conservative ideas out of the academy.

I'll bet they make the idea seem really reasonable. In the same way Michael Moore makes it seem really reasonable that president Bush went to war in Iraq because he's pals with Saudi oil princes. (And of course it's nonsense.)

Ideally, academics is about questioning and discovery and about new ideas. These principles are inherently liberal ones. Thus academia both draws liberal-minded folks to it, and also tends to guide people toward more liberal mindsets. If the university is a more liberal place than the local VFW, it is because of this and not some sinister plot needing to be "exposed" and "uncovered."

I've been immersed in higher ed for 15 years and I'm here to tell you there's no conspiracy, nor even any gross systematic unfairness.

8:40 AM, avril 13, 2007  
Blogger Dad29 said...

Education should focus on right-order; that is the ONLY way to analyze thought, as well as to analyze results.

But 'right order' has been gone since Descartes/Bacon.

So education now focuses on the trivial. "Journalism"? "Education"? "PolySci"?


11:17 AM, avril 14, 2007  

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