dimanche, avril 29, 2007

I Loves Me Some Neon

If you're an Americana lover, and can't get enough of old neon signs, then the Flickr Neon Signs Group is the place to be.

I made my first contributions today. Later I'll go back and photo them at night.

My all time favorite is Bob's Bait

I also highly recommend Roadsidepicture's Flickr account, I can't get enough of his pics.

BLEG: If anyone knows of unique 40's and 50's signage that fits into the template of the above, please let me know!

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Blogger Peter said...

There's an old-style Arby's sign on Hwy. 32 in Cudahy. I don't have a camera, let alone a digital but I will see if I can get a shot with the camera on my cell phone next time I get near there.

12:51 PM, avril 30, 2007  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

Ah yes! I forgot about the Arby's sign, I'll have to visit it some early evening and get some good light on it. Awesome, thanks for reminding me.

1:17 PM, avril 30, 2007  

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