mardi, avril 10, 2007

A Protest Protesting the Protesters

You'd swear this was France.

But it ain't....unless anyone's up for a Tullamore Dew bloody mary at Elliot's Bistro after the up-and-coming. Wait, ceci n'est pas francais...

So stay tuned to the Early Spin Blog for details about this weekend's rally to support the troops/protest the protesters. I'm not much of a protester because I associate protests with people who can't do anything of their own volition. There are exceptions though, which I am more open to discussing off the blog. They have to do with the Constitution, important things like that.

And speaking of having any power of your own, you can bet that conservative or libertarian and other non-whiners won't be wearing any black masks, any scarves over their faces, or any all-black disguise akin to tactics of the namby pamby, 100 pound 5-foot-11 male G8 protesters. Nope. We're talking about the "home of the brave" and the Brave of whence they speak. And they have very, very much in common with those of whom they will support this weekend.

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