vendredi, avril 13, 2007

Sometimes, I Don't Need To Be Articulate

Buddy Holly is one of those artists for whom I have few words. He is the pregnant pause of rock 'n roll. This unassuming average kid in the 50's changed the world within two years. How many of us will ever have that effect - and how much has the world already changed that we may never have those exact conditions again. To manifest with such an impact, through what now seems like simple arrangement and talent. Buddy I salute thee with all my speechlessness.

Here is a Buddy Holly mix that I made in iTunes - my next music purchase. I'm a B-side kind of woman... probably something that Buddy himself might have appreciated :)

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Anonymous scott said...

Unlike other guitarists, he strummed downward only, not upward. It gave him a distinctive sound, proving that sometimes you have to do things wrong to get it right.

9:46 PM, avril 13, 2007  

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