lundi, avril 09, 2007

Well That Might Be One For The Nice List

But we'll see.

Friday - Good Friday - a man backed into my baby. My darling vee-hicle. Not terribly hard, but enough to do a bit of damage. We didn't get a police report, but exchanged business cards. He's not a nobody, and I also identified that the person I work with isn't a nobody either. He told me to get an estimate and he would take care of it because he was heading out of town for two weeks with his family.

In today's mail was a card from said person with a starter check for $100 and another apology. He indicated that he would pay for the rest according to the estimate. The card was postmarked Saturday.

It's not a done deal/over with, I realize that. But it's nice to have some civility in the world.


Anonymous Kate said...

There really are still decent folks in the world.

1:53 PM, avril 10, 2007  
Blogger Real Debate said...


Glad to see there are a few MASH fans left.

4:34 PM, avril 12, 2007  

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