mercredi, avril 18, 2007

A Woman After My Own Heart

"Gay, Gay Gay"

Via Wonkette ..."John Edwards Twice as Gay as Bill Clinton". Alas, even gay men aren't safe anymore from the masterful, panty-disintegrating stare of Bill Clinton. Imagine what Edwards can do. Oh, wait, that would be nothing.

Now gimme my mirror back.

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Blogger Nick said...

My $12 haircut from my barber seems to look just as good actually. Maybe I should send a business card and give him a referral.

On the plus side... the more campaign money he spends on hair cuts... the less he has for ad time on TV.

9:15 AM, avril 18, 2007  
Blogger Peter said...

What a girlie man pretty boy. No wonder the nicknames The Breck Girl and Silky Pony have stuck to him like velcro.

10:39 AM, avril 19, 2007  

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