mercredi, mai 30, 2007

Goldman's. That's Sad

I used to go to Goldman's to look at all the nifty antiques they used to have on that half upper floor. The interior of the building has that turn of the century, "big store" design. Odd stairs, crummy papery tile, tin ceilings.

There was never anything at Goldman's that I considered to be a major purchase, a must have. Although it's always been a museum of what you could buy, and what you can't buy anymore.

And they have a lunch counter....which is always kind of fun.

But what I will miss the most, is the candy counter. You can get all the old world, old school favorites there. Jackstraws, black walnuts, filled raspberries... all the stuff you haven't seen in years. I'd love to go check it out once more before they close. I'll have to pick the right day and time. After they close, there will probably never be another time that I will be drawn to old Mitchell street.

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