jeudi, mai 24, 2007

Guys, it's a little late for that.

NOW the enviros want to close the St. Lawrence seaway to ocean freighters. The moratorium on dumping ballast water is taking too long, and apparently sterilizing the water is impractical. So now it needs to be even more impractical.

Well, I look at this two ways. Why did it take so long for the enviros to get on this one? What happened over the last 30 years that it didn't warrant their attention? Was saving the whales far cooler than saving the world's largest freshwater system? I think the whales owe us an apology for being a big fat resource hog.

Whenever I'm on my way in to Sendiks or Alterra and some young skull full of mush starts waving to me and acting like their my best friend because they want to talk with me about the environment, I get pretty testy. I've even said: "no thanks, I want coffee, not kool aid." Or maybe I should say "why don't you forget about big oil and start thinking about big quagga? Big deep tunnel?"

'cause we have some pretty good stop gaps in place for things like big oil. Corporate pollution.

We don't, however, seem to have a lot of control over what the government does to the environment. Yes, Virginia, that includes lefties, too. It appears that their own ideology has caused them to miss the boat.


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