samedi, mai 05, 2007

I'm A Coal-Fired, Electric Girl Myself But....

This caught my eye this morning. Stop over by Dad29 for his post about water vs. wind generated power, and the State's resistance to one over the other.

Cheap shot I know....but it's no surprise they prefer hot air in Madison. If there's any one government program that I do agree was on the right track, it was Hoover Dam.


Blogger Dad29 said...

Allis-Chalmers provided all the "internals" for Hoover: the turbines, the controls, the transformers, the switches.

And ALL of those systems were designed, in whole or part, by a former neighbor of mine--a fellow who did NOT have a college degree, but was educated through HS-level in Germany.

He also grew his own watercress, apples, and a couple of other crops...

9:36 AM, mai 05, 2007  

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