samedi, mai 05, 2007

Reflecting on the week

(cross-posted from my Fox 6 blog)

Last Saturday morning I was sitting in a room full of bloggers who were listening to different panelists. I was restless and didn't stay. But what sticks with me is something that started on that day, and progressed throughout the week.

Charlie Sykes was on a panel with Brian Fraley and Ed Garvey. On the influence of bloggers on media, Charlie referred to Patrick of, and pointed out that Patrick's content is unique. And it is. He also noted that Patrick can and does offer content that few blogs and news outlets can offer.

Then within 24 hours, Charlie lost his mother in the blaze.

72 hours later, Patrick was posting the audio of McGee's statements, of which we are now all familiar.

It moved the community, and influenced the media - local and national. It also prompted action.

The full-circle nature of those days might always stay with me. From the moment that Charlie declared Patrick's influence, to the tragedy, to the blog post heard throughout the community and nation. To the gathering and action. I'll never forget it.

What also stays with me is knowing I was in the room with Charlie before his entire world changed. Something about that is emotional for me. Perhaps all this blogging hasn't destroyed my social skills and empathy, after all.

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Blogger Pete Fanning said...

You are NOT the only one with that same feeling towards Charlie, Phel...I have had that same feeling all week as I'm sure the rest of the Wisconsin blogosphere has to some varying degree.

Patrick has done a fine job even tho he'll probably be the last to admit it and I know he has the utmost respect for Charlie and wishes this wouldn't have added any additional pain...but I think he knows we all have the utmost respect for him for what HE'S been doing over there at Badger Blogger....

8:37 PM, mai 05, 2007  
Blogger Cantankerous said...


Well said.


8:45 PM, mai 05, 2007  
Blogger elliot said...

Hey Phel,

Why are you posting at Fox 6? I really don't understand why so many folks I respect have started posting there.

8:55 PM, mai 05, 2007  
Blogger Pete Fanning said...'s the one big reason....because there are so many folks that blog there who don't normally visit what I call the external "Cheddarsphere"....that would be "us"....if I, Patrick, Phel and whoever else can help bring exposure and people out in the way of visitors and may one or two, three of them start their own blogs, then mission accomplished.

1:58 PM, mai 06, 2007  

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