samedi, mai 05, 2007

That Just Dents My Saturday Morning Routine

I went to the bank like I always do on Saturday morning. Only to see that it was closed, no I wasn't too early - I was too late for the robbery that had just taken place.

My blood was boiling. Not because I couldn't do my transaction - but because of the inherent boldness of criminals in this community. Like it or not and see it or not, the law abiding citizens and businesses of Milwaukee and in this case its surrounding area, are being preyed upon. Thugs and crooks know that the politicians are weak and that the police can't act and last but not least - we in Wisconsin are for all practical purposes, an unarmed society.

I've banked there for ten years. I would have loved to have seen the manager, who is about my size, pick up a twelve gauge and point it in their direction.

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Blogger Pete Fanning said...

One question...why isn't this in the Sentinal/Journal Newswatch? What is it with that place?

2:00 PM, mai 05, 2007  

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