vendredi, mai 18, 2007

This is bad, but it's not my fault

It's early and I have a terrible astigmatism. I'm the worst at not wearing my glasses at the exact moments that I should be. How so many men sat at formica kitchen tables in the morning while reading the paper when it wasn't 6 inches from their face is beyond me.

Visiting the JS online at wee hours (at a formica table) is my modern day equivalent of this ritual. This is the first photo I saw this morning, at this exact size, on a busy and text-heavy webpage template. My first thought was, Thank God, the JS is FINALLY doing a story about how people seem to think that garbage bags are passe. Each and every day that I drive into work I see people's garbage piled on the curb in front of their house. Not in the trash bins, not in trash bags, not even in boxes. It's as if they walk from the house with their crap to the curb, and drop it in a pile.

No, that's the absolute last thing this photo is about obviously. And before anyone gets appalled or offended or thinks less of me, you have to understand that I see the curbside dumping scene day in and day out. Couple that with 5:01 a.m., no coffee and glasses, and that's what happens.

It's a shame that that's the case, but it's not my fault. The angle at which this photo was taken and everyday occurrences are to blame. And I don't know if that's better than being shielded if only momentarily from the reality that someone's baby was gunned down on our streets.

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