samedi, mai 05, 2007

Votez for moi, or else

I'm tired of whining liberals who think that losing an election means there must be some mistake. Worse is trying to put ideas into people's head - self-fulfilling prophecies.

Get over your rejection issues, s'il vous plait.

Because trust me, those of us with more normal perceptions think you're a bunch of babies in a panic.

"if you don't vote for me, there will be violence"

How ridiculous does that sound? I wish you could see it from here. Why, Segolene Royal, why for you tarnish our fair gender?

I hope you lose tomorrow. I hope Sarkozy kicks your overprimped ass. Maybe you could go pay a visit to Hugo Chavez, and leave France alone. The only people who want to vote for you are thugs who burn cars and beat up cops. What a proud constituency. What a measure of your character and success.

You big baby.


Blogger Radish said...

My favorite is when they lose and then go off on how STUPID the electorate is, thus ensuring they won't win the next one, either. :)

9:58 PM, mai 05, 2007  

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