vendredi, mai 11, 2007

Wanda Jackson at Shank Hall

Or better yet, Phel meets one of her idols, if she ever had one. Or pinup meets pinup :)

Last night I had the most amazing time - I finally got to see Wanda Jackson live. Wanda is very appropriately called "the Queen of Rockabilly". Back in the mid 50's when Elvis, Buddy, Jerry Lee and Johnny were hitting the scene, Wanda was right there next to them. In fact when you listen closely enough to her work, you wonder which of the above might have been influenced by this petite firecracker. And that's really who she is - smart, classy, sharp, and above all, a true Lady.

I wasn't sure what I could expect out of a live performance. She's 70. She performed mostly gospel music and for many years had stopped playing the music that made her famous. With each song she performed I was happily surprised that she could still hit the notes and sing them almost exactly as she used to. In the 50's she'd really hit some notes, and she had a uniquely characteristic growl as you can hear in "Fujiyama Mama". She can still do all of that, even pop her voice in a manner that you would associate with Jerry Lee Lewis' style. She didn't shy away from any of the songs that would challenge a singer of her age. But that's what's so magical about her.

That magic was there the entire evening, and you could feel it in the room. She can almost channel the mid 50's. I think I might have felt that in the days before the show, because when I decided I would see her, I did just as a woman might have in those days...I "made myself a pretty dress" for the occasion.

After the show, I of course was able to meet her. She held my hand as I talked with her and as an empath I can tell you she is full of electricity. You can't help but feel the energy radiating from her when you're in her presence. She complimented me on my dress, and I couldn't hold back, I told her I made it myself. It was dorky, but I knew she of all people could appreciate my thought process.

If you have two minutes, check out this video on Youtube. It pretty much sums up who she is.

Any dress I make gets its own name. This one will always be a Dress Called Wanda

And my very, very wonderful souvenir of the evening and my conversation with Wanda Jackson...

I can't close this post without giving major props to the band that is playing the gigs with her: the Luster Kings. I was able to chat with the lead singer and also spent time talking with the very interesting Marshall Scott Warner, who plays out with the Luster Kings and also with his own bands, The Mercury Four ( and many others. He makes me wish I had more rockabilly friends.

It's going to be a super summer with all the upcoming gigs :)

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