vendredi, juin 22, 2007

Now Refresh My Memory: National Guard

Not long ago, there was much ado about the National Guard coming in to help us out over the summer. I supported this idea and I still do.

At the time, politicians and others were squawking about how "bad it would be for the city's image". So the idea was dismissed in typical "we know what we're doing" manner.

I'd like to know who is going to have a little talk with the thugs who made national news by rushing a car and it's driver over the weekend. What does that do for the city's image? Who is going to dismiss the thugs' ideas of mob rushing? Can't the mayor step in and say, "hey guys, we've got that handled, we don't need you all doing that. Just leave it to us".

Absurd statement? Of course. But that's the upside-down, anti-gravity logic that's going on here.

The less we do about it the more we are inviting it. We are creating the problem by not stopping the problem.

I'll say it here and now. We're about to get much more national coverage, and it won't be for taking a bold step in the face of crime and antisocial behavior.

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