mardi, juin 05, 2007

A Risk By Nature Cannot Be Made "Safer"

Tonight on Channel 12 they were in true journalistic fashion, spinning little tentacles off the plane crash story. This time, the focus was "can't we make these organ transports safer."


Not unless we move to pneumatic tubes. That probably won't happen.

Organ donation is one of the true wonders of Man and God working together. It's by chance that someone has an accident and loses their life. It's by chance that the circumstances were just right: age, race, sex, blood type, proximity, etc. - that one person's leaving this world means one very special person will get to stay. All at the assistance of doctors who live for the moment that they can help another person live.

It's a risk. It's not safe. It could even take the life of the recipient.

But we do these things because they are right. Regardless of seat belts, helmets, and government regulations. Life finds a way. Life finds a way to bring two moments of chance together for an amazing purpose that touches everyone involved.

Many years ago I signed my license to be an organ donor. Not everyone around me agrees with the decision, but if something were to happen, I would be honored if someone's child, mother, brother, father or grandparent, could get to stay just a little longer with the ones they love.

I wish it was safer, but life is precious and pivotal and full of risk. There is no safety or surety or guarantees. In the end that means a lot of sad... and a lot of beautiful things... can happen. That's okay.


Blogger Patrick said...

One reporter asked if crashes like this were commonplace... How stupid can they be?

7:38 PM, juin 05, 2007  

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