dimanche, juin 03, 2007

Something I had to share...

"Here's a foto I took back in November of 1997. Kate Moss is at far left and Michael Hutchence is seated next to Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell. This was at a private party at a club in the Village...I worked for JFK Jr.'s "George" magazine at the time and was hired to photograph such events. This one was an after-party for a Tibetan Freedom Concert. Eerily, Hutchence died just about 2 weeks after this foto was taken. Sadly, John-John followed less than 2 years later."

*** This image is FULLY COPYRIGHTED. All Rights Reserved. ***

Blogger's note:

Not sure why I found this picture so moving, but I did. For the record, I was the "weird kid" back in 1982 who listened to foreign bands, INXS was one of them. Once INXS got popular I even felt a little alienated, because the worst thing in the world started happening: my classmates were starting to like them. Shock, horror. I set them down for years until I heard the song "Beautiful Girl".

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