vendredi, juin 22, 2007


So this evening I got my hair did. My hairdresser is on Brady street and if you're female, you've probably noticed the "trail of cute dresses" during business hours that leads off Brady and to a boutique.

I've always wanted to follow the little dress trail, tonight I did. Thanks to an incredible little number that was posted on the corner. Since I'd just gotten my hair done AND bought my products for the next two months (I only use three, but theys an expensive three). Ahem...since I'd just spent all this money, I knew I would only be looking.

But something very interesting happened as I chatted with the store's owner.

I mentioned that I sew. And I told her what I sew.

Tomorrow morning, she will be viewing my work.

We'll see what comes of it. Some of my work is still pretty junior, but I look forward to hearing her input, especially because she has a show this Wednesday. How cool would that be?

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