dimanche, juin 10, 2007

Yes. Let's fight an invasive species with another invasive species

Haven't we learned anything around here?

Back in the day we lost the Elm trees to Dutch Elm disease. We cut them down. We lost them.

We didn't introduce Chinese Wasps.

That's what's in the works, everyone. The trees are God and so what if we screw up the balance, we have to get rid of those ash borers. Bring in the wasps.

Here's a new flash. THE TREES WILL GROW BACK. They will. What if half the state burned in a forest fire? The trees would grow back.

But no, we have to introduce a nonnative species to save the damn trees. What happens when those wasps bother the sht out of us, like the Japanese beetles do? The Asian Carp? The africanized honeybees?

Don't get me started on all the people in the state who already have bee problems on their property, and people who are allergic to beestings.


Treating the problem, isn't:

A Detroit suburb, meanwhile, bucked early federal directives after the bug's discovery in 2002. Instead of battling it with chain saws, the city opted to pre-emptively treat its yet-to-be-infested trees with pesticides.

It seems to have worked.


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