lundi, juillet 02, 2007

Go Time

Well, tomorrow is go time :)

Tonight, I had to get the place prepared so I could focus on just this one project. And I don't know why I'm doing this, but I've done a lot of photographing this production. Hopefully that doesn't mean I'll grow to hate sewing. I've done pretty good on snapping out my prototypes, I've gotten them finished in a matter of a couple of hours a piece (hour or two for top, hour or two for bottom).

I spent most of the past week redrawing the patterns so that I have three sizes to sell (4/6/8). I started with a size 6 and kept whittling it down until it fit me. Had I known some of the techniques that I've learned in the past few days, I'd have a better looking pair of shorts. But, that's kind of what this is all about. Today I put the protoype shorts on a few people and something kind of came over me. This was real. My work was about to become real and wearable.

It was also necessary to learn how the serger works and how to know when it's wrong. That took about an evening. Oh, and plus during that time I coined the phrase: "My kingdom for a threaded serger". Now I would really like one of my own.

As I prepare this place this evening: putting away parts of other projects, seeing the serger threads go from quad color to all black, preparing the fabric, I feel a sense of happiness that I didn't give in (entirely) to my urge to rush into things and ask questions later. I can't risk any fabric or time. Or ill fitting garments. The goal is to have a top and bottom in three sizes, but I would like to have more ready at least of the shorts in the event that they do really well. If not, there is always ebay and other outfits throughout town where I can sell them to the right crowd. I'm banking on them selling. Like Tiger Woods, there is no plan B, only to win.

Here in two parts is me walking along and rambling about how prepared I am. Twas the Night Before production. This isn't riveting stuff, and I figured out that I have a lisp. I can't stand people with lisps, that's my pet peeve. Whooknew....

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Blogger Fuzz Martin said...

That's pretty phucking sweet. Thanks for the tour. :)

11:26 PM, juillet 02, 2007  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

Thanks! Ahm a little skeert.... but ready

8:34 AM, juillet 03, 2007  
Blogger Fuzz Martin said...

You'll be fiiiiiine.

2:33 PM, juillet 03, 2007  
Blogger Wendy said...

So what's the ham for?

6:06 PM, juillet 03, 2007  

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