samedi, juillet 21, 2007

The Great Irony of Flickr

Most of my life if someone plunked down next to me with envelopes of pictures I would have started thinking of ways to escape.

I'm not saying that the pictures people used to show me and what I view on flickr are the same, but when one of my new contacts posts their pictures, I can't wait to go see. One of the blessings of online photo technology like flickr, is that you have to make some choices about how many photos to upload because it takes a darned long time. So people are more inclined to sort through and show you the best photos. And most of the time I have to admit, I really like the images that my contacts put up there. Whether it's desert junk and old Vegas imagery from Roadsidepictures, the picture perfect family of Bo Darville, or Scott Feldstein's snaps which I am newly inclined to caption.

It's nice to actually want to sit down with someone, albeit virtually, and look at their pictures.

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Blogger Pete Fanning said...

Someone added me as a contact recently, and then that made me go fishing for contacts, and then lo and behold, I had a whole new world...up until that point I hadn't really browsed others....but it's really amazing what others are up to and a great way to share.....

I'm kicking myself that I sold my gear last year.....I had a full bag too and an assortment of lenses....but I plan to rectify that soon....

10:03 AM, juillet 21, 2007  

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