dimanche, juillet 08, 2007

Maybe I Should Have Tried to Get Some Sleep at Live Earth

Again, I slept pretty lousy. But from today's reviews of Live Earth, it sounds like it was a real snore. I read the Times.uk - which I had expected to give an overblown, exaggerated review - but it sounded uneventful. There are other reviews linked at the Drudge Report, check them out if you have time.

But this brings me to two larger questions:

- Does our music nowadays really suck this bad, that they can't create any momentum or make a memorable event?
- Are we just burned out on all the causes. Every time we turn around someone wants our most precious, most expensive, priceless resource - our attention and everything that gets bundled with it.

Or is the whole "Imagine" concept just that - an idealistic unreality based on do-gooding that has nothing to do with real giving. Nobody likes to be told "you should". Massive, large-scale transformation isn't easy for anyone either, so are people wanting all this so-called climate change, but are unwilling to put their time and way of life on the line? Everyone else should really get a move on with that changing the world thing?

Because if they do have that kind of time and energy, we have some other things that are threatening the planet and mankind that have a lot more reward if we conquer them. Genocide, oppressive dictators in third world countries, slavery, hunger, disease, and a hefty new little crisis called terrorism.

Sleep on that!


Blogger Stew Magoo said...


Probably the best review I've seen.

7:50 AM, juillet 10, 2007  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

Hi Stew! How's things at the Right Place?

9:24 AM, juillet 10, 2007  

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