mardi, août 14, 2007

No My Brother, You've Got to Buy Your Own

I can't count how many times I saw this commercial as a teenager....and how many times I've quoted it! Not exactly sure what made me think to myself... gee...I wonder if it's on YouTube now:

It's very simple, but in...(hmmm) 1986/7, we still had attention spans and didn't need to cut to this/cut to that every six seconds. I knew this one by heart as did all of my friends. Youtube didn't have the very funny parody of this from the movie "House Party" ( Peanut! Make me some of that Dick Gregory!)

Very best line...

"No my brother, you've got to buy your own"

and.... the commercial ends with my theme song :)

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Anonymous Phil Gerbyshak said...

Where's the link to buy this great set of phunky beats? I'm jonesing for 20 more incredible soul classics, and it's not available in stores. Don't tease me like this Phel. I need me some of this!

10:22 PM, septembre 04, 2007  

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