dimanche, août 19, 2007

Trashing the Trashers

WTF is wrong with you people????

A small percentage (I hope) of women out there are "trashing" their wedding dresses after they get married. All I can say are two things:

1) As dumb as you are to trash a dress that might have costed as much as your wedding ring, it's probably a good thing that you got married. Otherwise, I question whether you have enough sense - financially, emotionally, or intellectually - to get through life on your own. Consider yourself on the Gravy Train.

2) WTF is wrong with you? Don't you know there are people out there who would LOVE the opportunity to buy that dress from you, because they don't have the resources to buy some of these very beautiful and expensive dresses, brand new? Don't you have any regard for the fact that someone else would have been absolutely overwhelmed with delight to be able to wear such a beautiful dress on their special day? Can't you consider what that might have meant to someone else, and the family of another bride who could have been more beautiful than they could have imagined on that day????

And I say one more thing.

Don't they have EBAY wherever you are?

Idiots. Ignorant.

To you other women out there who have a whit of sense or are teetering on the edge of ignorant: stay far, far, far away from "Cosmo" magazine. I'm sure this idea came from the bowels of that type of universe. It can only make you dumber.

That is all

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