dimanche, septembre 09, 2007

Cover that Sh*t Up!

I must draw the line. I must put all size 7.5 of my foot down.

TWICE in the last week, I have seen co-workers shirtless in public. And sweaty. This does nothing for their credibility towards me during working hours. Imagine people that you need to be completely serious with at all times, and that you need in order to get your job done. Now picture them shirtless and sweaty. Nuff said.

This must stop.

However this evening as I was going to see my friends' band play, I passed someone who I work with, that I could live with seeing shirtless. And sweaty.

At that very, very moment, I was quite happy that I was not having one of those "nobody is looking, I shall now innocently check my nostrils" moments. Oh yes, I was quite relieved.


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