dimanche, septembre 30, 2007

For A Good Time

Go see the Uptown Savages, and while you're at it, see Tim Cook and the Riverwesterners.

Last night, fellow blogger Ally and I headed out to see their show at Linneman's in Riverwest. If you haven't been able to see either band I'd highly recommend it. I've seen the Uptown Savages (jump swing) a few times now, and they're always good. Personally, I think they're at their best when they play Cafe Lulu in Bay View, because it's a little bigger and they seem to cut loose a little more when they play there. I had never seen local Honky Tonk legend Tim Cook, so that was a real treat. Last night's show was a great time, us girls were all out on the dance floor showing off our "We're dancing the best we can" moves.

Because you know, Rockabilly and Honky Tonkers know their steps.

I had the chance to get my pinup look on. My whole 40's thing is very different from the more Betty Page, punkabilly look. My look comes from the inside and if I tried to fit in, it just would look awkward.

Speaking of awkward. Once the Uptown Savages got to a slower song, the legend himself, Tim Cook, came over by me and asked me to dance. I took his hand and looked right at him and said, "I don't know how to dance, just lead me". And he did. It was real and it was spectacular. For those four minutes, I was dancing with the closest I've ever been to something of an idealized late 40's man. His slicked back pompadour hair, retro western outfit, and his demeanor all come together to create something that took me out of the present time and to something that somewhere, I miss.

So I tried to find a picture of Tim Cook and the Riverwesterners. Looked everywhere and even tried flickr. All I got were pages and pages of guys named Tim, cooking.

Whatever :)

For a very typical tune by the Uptown Savages, go to their myspace page and click on the song "Juiced".

Ally let's do this again! Anyone else up for dancing lessons during the week???

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Anonymous Anonyme said...

Oh we'll be doin' it again!!

2:55 PM, octobre 01, 2007  
Anonymous Christopher Gibson said...

Hey, I have a question/request. I hope this doesn't sound odd or anything, I did a Google search for Tim Cook and the Riverwesterners and your blog came up. Tim Cook was a very good friend of mine before I left Milwaukee, I just adored him. When it comes to people in this world who are honestly downright decent, and the best, Tim is the best of the best. I lost contact with him after my divorce, and I was wondering if you might know of a way I can contact him, or if you run in to him again tell him Christopher Gibson in Utah wants to get a hold of him and Mathew, and the rest of the old Jackpot crew. Again, I hope this doesn't sound weird but I would so appreciate the help, I miss my friends, and I miss Milwaukee. Thanks.


2:39 PM, octobre 08, 2007  

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