mardi, septembre 25, 2007

How to spend a couple of hours

Bikram Yoga.

To my male readers that means yoga. Only a little different. It's in a room that's about... oh... 110 degrees...give or take a degree.

Yes, it IS hot.

Once upon a time I did yoga twice a day, and I really liked it. Then things changed, I didn't get to do it as much or often or with as much energy as I did. That's another story, but this story is about me trying to get my yoga back on again. Which I am trying to do in a big way.

Why so hot? Yoga hurts. Especially if the instructor is giving you an old fashioned whoopin. Which this one did. At first I thought, no way, my knees don't do this anymore. And they kind of don't but you know what, it's up to me to push through being wobbly, or inflexible, or uncoordinated.

Once your mind clears though, all bets on doubts are off. You'd be suprised how your body and mind will suddenly click into place like someone flipped a switch.

Sometimes I spaced out. Sometimes I couldn't keep going, but I did.

And by the end of the class, I was laying on my back on the mat and I was exhausted, and about as relaxed mentally and physically as I could possibly be.

It's easy to forget how much stress your body carries. It might sound like feel goody stuff, but yoga is a pretty low impact way to remove stress from your body.

You feel something that you don't normally feel during the day. Out with the bad, in with the good.

Only a little hotter so that you can work into it a little deeper.

As I left the studio, it was raining. Believe you me, I was happy to see rain.

What can snap one out of such bliss, such openness? Such relaxation?


till next time....


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