dimanche, septembre 02, 2007

I Am So Going Hunting on Monday!

You guys, I went to WalMart today. It wasn't easy. Not because I dislike WalMart, but I don't go alone.

I have my very first ever hunting license. With my very own name on it. Small game. Big guns. I should have some pics too.

Watch out, varmints....

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Blogger Patrick said...

Awesome! Gotta gun yet?

8:46 AM, septembre 03, 2007  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

Nope...found a guy with a gun tho~!!!

Just friends, of course. And stuff. Move along...nutt'n to see here....

9:17 AM, septembre 03, 2007  
Blogger jp said...

Please let us know where and when you are going to hunting.

4:45 PM, septembre 03, 2007  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

but pourquoi....

5:57 PM, septembre 03, 2007  
Blogger Chris said...

You know they do make "Ladies" model 12 gauges a little small so they fit better. If you really start bird hunting all the time you might want to look at one of those.

Oh and to answer you question SH2 is totally gone my lease ran out so I will email you the shooting photos so you have copies of them. :)

9:34 PM, septembre 03, 2007  
Blogger The Asian Badger said...

You want to hunt birds? Come to my place anytime between 6:00am and 8:00am for a turkey dinner.

You could do it with a .22 long handgun and just shoot 'em in the head. That way, you don't have to pick the shot out.

Very convenient...not that I've done it, of course.

12:07 AM, septembre 04, 2007  
Blogger Phelony Jones said...

I've never eaten wild turkey. I'd imagine the drumsticks would be uhm... less than desirable? So how is it??

Can you actually shoot them on your property?

1:16 PM, septembre 04, 2007  
Anonymous Kate said...

Ya want birds? I got some birds you can shoot!

8:10 PM, septembre 04, 2007  

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