vendredi, septembre 21, 2007

Proof that anything we can do, Europe can't do better.

At least when it comes to dancing.

This is video of the latest dance craze in France. Seriously, you have to be kidding me. It reminds me of the How to Dance Like A White Guy video that was circulating for a while. Only worse.

This - this is How to Dance Like a White Guy Who Doesn't Know How To Krump.

Krump looks tight. This looks stupide. And this is supposed to be some top tektoniker.

Here is Tektonik:

Here is Krump:

For the record, the ladies just kill it on that video. Put that up against the slow, sloppy, uncoordinated "moves" of Tektonik.

Better yet, put those Tektonik flakes up against our Krump, who's gonna win and who's gonna get laughed out? I know of what I speak and where I'm from. Go back to the drawing board, kids.


Blogger Fuzz Martin said...

m'gay. both.

2:22 PM, septembre 21, 2007  
Blogger still Unreal... said...

...gotta go with fuzz's take on this.

10:05 AM, septembre 22, 2007  

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