vendredi, septembre 07, 2007

Punk Friday

I still love Punk. This might mean I haven't grown up, or it could just be like any other generation who's grown up on whatever, and it just remains part of who they are.

But I do love it.... it makes me feel great when I feel great, and it can even make me feel great when I don't. It's good stuff. So on my 15 minute lunch today whereby I ran to sendik's and back, I was able to catch a few minutes of Buzz's Garage w/Lo Fi Slop Rock. Great show on WMSE, starts at noon on Fridays.

When people think of punk they think of all kinds of bands, too many to name here.

But the Ramones, well, they're still one of my favorites. Here's a little performance from way back in da the way Joey sings this one1

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