mardi, septembre 04, 2007

Putting a New CD in the Changer....

A few years ago I saw the Reverend Horton Heat live at the Eagles Ballroom. I thought they sounded great. They're one of those bands that when I hear them I know it, and it sounds great every single time.

But I never owned any of their CDs.

So I did a CD swap with a friend...I'll burn some for you, hows about you burn some for me? This is something I don't do enough and I should, because music is still expensive. And no, I don't download freebies. To me the risk isn't worth it - I have no idea what those interfaces really do and where that music's been.

I now have two CDs by the Reverend Horton Heat and I don't know why I waited so darned long because they're fantastic. Nothing beats a band that isn't just a band. This music sampler was on their myspace page - I might have populated it with different selections but... carry on with it as you will :)

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Blogger V'ron said...

I'll tell you why you waited so long. Because rockabilly ususally doesn't transition to vinyl/CD all that well. The magic of rockabilly usually is best rendered in a live (preferably club) setting, amidst the sweat, dancing, booze, and general sinfulness that the Reverend Horton Heat is here to save you from. Most of the time, when I pick up the band's CD, I pop it in my player, and it doesn't even begin to approximate the greatness that is the band.

Not so with the Reverend. Somehow he and his people found a way to capture his greatness and magic in a recording. As you now know, it's always worth it to pick up his recordings.

7:47 AM, septembre 06, 2007  

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