dimanche, octobre 28, 2007

60 Minutes' Leslie Stahl Needs SensitivityTraining

During Leslie Stahl's interview of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, she made a major faux pas.

Because the French do not discuss their personal lives except with confidants. And they certainly don't do that on TV. This is not Oprah country. And regardless of Sarko's love of all things American, he is a French man.

All Frenchness aside. The question was disrespectful. It's about damn time someone said to the media "that's none of your business".

Like the government with taxes, the media has grown accustomed to having subtle ownership of emotions and think they should be exploited for the common good.

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Anonymous The Asian Badger said...

My admiration of Sarkozy is going up on a daily basis.

10:57 AM, octobre 30, 2007  

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