lundi, octobre 01, 2007

Clarence Thomas

The human experience is unique in that it transcends any efforts to bucket or classify. Humans need to understand things, and as a result, a lot of people have to think on one side of the spectrum or the other. That's an immature use of your existence as a human being, to not look at situations beyond what they are "supposed to be."

ABC news has published an article based on an interview with Clarence Thomas. I'd suggest taking the time to read it.

Here is one part of the article that stood out to me, particularly regarding my statements above about individual thought:
"He believes whites again have created a system where blacks have to stay in a certain place — this time ideologically, not geographically. Slavery evolved into segregation; segregation evolved into an entrenched system of racial preferences, paternalism and condescension — a modern-day system, Thomas says, that also keeps blacks inferior and ideologically segregated.

"Whites can think anything they want, and we can have opinions about frivolous things, like I could be a (Washington) Nationals fan, as opposed to being an (Baltimore) Orioles fan, Oh, that's ok. But if it's important, if you're black, you all have to think the same thing," Thomas says. "Can you imagine someone saying that about whites, that, 'well, you're white, you're all supposed to think the same thing.' That would be considered ludicrous."

I couldn't agree with that more.


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