vendredi, octobre 26, 2007

Friday Night Yoga

(image courtesy

This could be a bad bad bad thing for me. The yoga studio that I frequent has just begun a Friday night vinyasa class. I can very, very easily see the results of what will happen.

I'll be out at the bar on Friday night after yoga. Drink in hand. " think you can out-chaturanga me???"

In our class, we hold chaturanga for about 2 minutes. Then we go into pushups. Both straight down and then back up, or forward of our hands to touch the chin to the floor, and then straight up and back.

We do that sequence more than once.

Chaturanga is the first sequence in this video. It's where you lower into the above position. She does this much faster than we do, she's also stronger.

Yeah, you'd be showing it off too if you could :)

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