mercredi, octobre 24, 2007

Great Post by Cathy Stepp

....over at Real Debate Wisconsin.

Cathy posts about a mere fraction of the errors made by - and the perceptions of - women who are trying to get a seat at the table. In this case, it's about the ousting of Judy Robson. In Cathy's post she points out the simple truth that women must speak to men in a way that men absorb information. This is the way it is, and men can't be changed. Sorry ladies, they can't.

And there's nothing wrong with that.

But if you - regardless of gender - want to make hay and be credible in a field that is opposite of your nature, you have to learn and play by the rules of the game. Whatever game that may be.

For the record the women that I have known in life who have been the most successful are women who speak directly to men, in their terms. They haven't just learned the rules of the game, but they have a little of that game in them to begin with. They think like men, too.

The only exception to this rule that I have seen, is women who can present a position in a manner that allows the other person to do the thinking and come to the conclusion themselves. Therefore the answer is the other person's idea. It's another way of gaining support and buy-in, especially when the object of your sway doesn't think in black and white terms. It's also pure genius and a basic component of leadership and mentoring.

So regardless of what side you're on, remember that asking the right questions (not ones that elicit a yes/no answer) will give you the buy in that you're looking for.

Otherwise, you better roll your sleeves up there and get your ass in the game. And do us all a favor. Keep it to one page. Please.


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