mardi, octobre 23, 2007

The JSonline reports....

"Proposal: Sell parts of O'Donnell Park"
Wanna buy a park, or at least part of one?

You just might get your chance, if Milwaukee County Supervisor Paul Cesarz gets his way. He's suggesting the county drum up some cash to help pay for ongoing parks operations by selling parts of O'Donnell Park on the lakefront - the parking ramp that it's built on, as well as the pavilion building housing the Betty Brinn Children's Museum and Coast restaurant.

And then what?

I mean, that's like constantly spending your cash, panicking, and then selling your stuff on ebay to make ends meet.

If you're not going to stop the spending behaviors you can sell your assets till you're blue in the face but in the end, your ongoing spending behavior still makes you broke...


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