jeudi, octobre 11, 2007

Telling Stories

Jib has a quick posting today giving Kudos to the Huffington Post regarding comments on Che Guevara. I started to comment, but I think something about the Che thing deserves longer commentary that I'll probably get into at some point.

Back when I was a young skull full of mush, my Dad would tell me "they package it and make it look good". He was referring to songs in the 60's, mao art, all of that.

Che is a good story. It really is. I personally own the book, soundtrack, and a copy of the Motorcycle Diaries. It's a good story.

History is rife with strong figures. People who are passionate, strong, and who will push until they succeed. But history often becomes a story, and the telephone game of time attaches all kinds of romantic denotations. Che falls into this category.

But many strong figures have something in common. They sound like they are right because they believe they are right. It's been said that a man's wisdom can be judged by his perception of the truth. On what side of history do you really want to fall? Especially when history is repeated?

Because if you haven't learned from history and truth, you might want to challenge your perceptions a little more.


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