lundi, décembre 24, 2007

Tom Brady: Flake Extraordinaire

You're about to read this and say "Phel, where you been, under a rock or something?" and the answer is no, I've just been working and trying to be a productive member of society. Few of which we have in this here town.

So with the little rest I was granted last evening, I watched a TV segment on Tom Brady. They showed his rise to his current status as QB extraordinaire, shuffled in with pictures, highlights, and their interview with him.

It all seemed like a good story, all American boy makes good. Real good. He talked about always knowing there was more to life out there, isn't there more? I'm going to go get it. Sounds heroic, I mean drive and motivation are extremely important and few people have either.
Then the hero story turns to most eligible bachelor. This is where things got interesting. He's dating one model, they break up, she's pregnant. It could have been the way the MSM phrased it, but they showed a picture of her with the baby and say "Brady is now supporting the child". Then, they turn immediately to his relationship with hottie Gisele Bundchen. And they spend some time on that one.

Sex symbol? All American Hero? A 'Man'?

At best, Brady is a 'babbydaddy' and we have far too many of those in our society. It's the cause of most of our societal problems.

Slanting the story as "knowing there is more out there" and taking this into consideration only tells me one thing, Brady might be pretty successful right now with his career, but he is far from being an adult, and should not be compared to any "heroes".


Blogger kma35han said...

Your post accurately described Tom Brady as a flake. I used to think he was a good, kind man, but now I think he is nothing more than a temperamental, mean and careless person. He basically sent the world a message saying that he cares more about a panty model than he does his own son. A guy who does that is the flake of flakes.

7:36 PM, décembre 25, 2007  

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