mercredi, février 06, 2008

Ash Wednesday - The Show Must Go On

I would like to save my sentiments about returning to my Catholic roots and faith for another post. But the long and short of that is, that after many years of misunderstanding the faith and enduring criticism for being Catholic, I have decided to say screw all of that: I am Catholic, and make absolutely no apologies or exceptions about it.

With that said, Ash Wednesday is a very important day in the faith - it's not a matter of "having to go to mass". Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent. Spiritual preparation for the risen Lord. It is a start. You do not delay the start.

It would be unsafe for me to attend my Parish's service today with the weather, but I am fortunate enough to have three parishes within walking distance or short travel by car. I called one of the local churches that I will not name - the priest told me that there would not be a service today and that he "doubted that any would be taking place elsewhere."


So I called three other churches in my area. None of them were answering the phone, and none even recorded their Ash Wednesday schedule. Forget about zeroing out.

Then I got lucky. I called my childhood parish, St. Bernard. Typically I don't like going to the two churches where I went to grade school, but that's just my issue. Well I called St. B's and was greeted by a very cheery woman who informed me that yes, they would have ash service at noon, and a regular 6:30 mass. They would also have ashes Thursday morning.

That is what you do. Not throw up your hands and say "oh well, nobody will come today, we might as well do this later". Having an ash service on Thursday is the right thing to do, but today, serve the faithful. Surely it's difficult to get to church to put on the service, but it is also difficult for the faithful to get there. But they will.


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